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Straight teeth are healthy and beautiful. Our dentition is designed to hold 32 teeth. With the evolution of human body, the wisdom teeth became non-functional and these four teeth do not erupt properly in most of us. For good oral health and high chewing efficiency, the 28 teeth should be perfectly positioned and well aligned. When there are errors in positions of teeth, the chewing efficiency reduces and there are several oral health problems that may arise. Invisalign® is a revolutionary orthodontic system that has changed the way malocclusion can be treated. As an alternative to dental braces, Invisalign® has introduced a virtually invisible way of straightening teeth. With the help of Invisalign® we have successfully created healthy and beautiful smiles for many of our patients from Sandgate, Queensland and surrounding communities.

What is malocclusion and how does Invisalign® treat the condition?

The manner in which the upper and lower teeth come together in a bite is called occlusion. Orthodontics is the study of the position of teeth and bite and their relationship with oral health. When there are errors in the position of teeth, they do not come together properly in a bite. This condition is called malocclusion. This condition can affect oral health and the aesthetics of the smile.

Following are some of the problems caused from malocclusion.

The smile looks less interesting when:

  • It becomes difficult to maintain oral hygiene; hence there are more chances of dental infection
  • More teeth wear on a longer run
  • Complex conditions of malocclusion can lead to TMJ problems

Invisalign® has a series of aligners that are designed to apply gentle and controlled force on teeth to move them in the planned direction. The system can be used to treat most of the malocclusion conditions. Our dentist performs a thorough oral examination to check the complexity of the orthodontic problem before recommending Invisalign®. The aligners are made of plastic and have smooth finishing. They are comfortable to wear and can be removed when cleaning teeth and when eating. The treatment may take about 18-24 months. During the course, the teeth are moved in various stages as mapped by the dentist. This straightens teeth and improves the bite.

Invisalign® treatment procedure

The treatment with Invisalign® system involves the use of sophisticated technological equipment and procedures in different stages. The first phase is where teeth are examined for decay. Such conditions may not be suitable for Invisalign® treatment. Our dentist checks the complexity of the orthodontic problem and tells patients if an Invisalign® system can bring about the desired changes. X-rays, images and impressions of teeth are taken and 3D digital image of the dentition is created using computer imaging technology. This digital image helps our dentist map the movement of teeth. A preview of expected results is provided to patients. This helps us in making necessary changes in the treatment plan as per the feedback from the patient. The Invisalign® aligners are fabricated in the lab as per the treatment plan. The lab uses high-end precision equipment to fabricate aligners. Patients should wear the aligner for about 22 hours of a day. Each pair of aligner should be replaced with another after every two weeks. Patients should visit our office every 6 weeks to check the progress of treatment. On successful completion of the treatment, patients get a healthy and beautiful smile.

Are you unhappy with your smile? Do you want to improve the alignment of your teeth? Make an appointment and visit our office at Sandgate, Queensland for an Invisalign® consultation. Our treatment may help you get an attractive smile.

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Frequently asked questions

Will Invisalign® aligners be visible when I wear them?

The aligners are made of smooth BPA free plastic and are transparent. They are virtually invisible when they are fit over teeth and hence they can go unnoticed when you wear them.

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