Laser Surgery

Laser is a device that produces monochromatic beam of light. The introduction of laser to dentistry took place few decades ago but it has been in use mostly since the 1990s. The technology has brought about major changes in the way how gum problems and teeth infection can be treated. At our dental office, we make use of the most advanced technologies to deliver unparalleled quality dental care. Laser dentistry procedures at our Sandgate, Queensland office have helped many of our patients achieve optimal oral health. Thanks to the skills and knowledge of Dr. Bachour in using this advanced technology, the painless treatment with lasers has increased the delight of visiting our office to our patients. Are you suffering from toothache or bleeding gums? Visit our office for a comprehensive checkup. Our team will help you achieve optimal oral health.

Laser Dentistry – Applications and Benefits

The energy emitted by laser and the time of exposure can be controlled by a dental professional. Skillfully controlling these two factors, dentists can bring about marvelous changes in the oral cavity. Lasers are used to bring about both hard and soft tissues. Lasers are used to prepare tooth, make modifications in gums, treat gum problems and in some cases to detect cancerous lesions. Following are some of the advantages of laser technology.

  • Lasers cause less pain
  • Lasers can reduce bleeding since the energy of the light beam can enable quick clotting of blood vessels
  • Lasers can kill bacteria
  • The technology is accurate
  • Dentists can make modifications to select tissues

Laser Gum Care

Plaque is a bio-film of bacteria that is formed over teeth surface. When plaque is not cleared from the surface of teeth from time-to-time, it hardens to become tarter which cannot be removed through normal brushing or flossing. The bacteria in tarter inflames the soft gum tissues. If left untreated, the infection worsens and the bond between the soft tissues and teeth surface breaks forming gum pockets. When food debris gets collected in the gum pockets the infection spreads towards the root of the teeth.

Lasers are used to treat the inflamed and infected gum tissues. The infected tissues are removed and modifications to soft tissues are made in such a way that they form a bond with the tooth surface again. The food debris and calculus is removed from tooth surface using mechanical instruments. The treatment is painless and recovery time is low. There is low bleeding during the laser gum care procedure. Patients are advised to come to our office for follow-up visits.

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