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Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry dedicated to study the position of teeth and the alignment of jaws. Deviation from normal condition in any one of these factors of the dentition can result in an orthodontic problem which should be taken care of. An orthodontic treatment is aimed at beautifying smile and improving oral health by preventing many problems that can arise from malocclusion.

Our dental office has specialized equipment to diagnose teeth errors. Dr. Bachour has several years of experience in treating dental problems. Her orthodontic treatment in Sandgate, Queensland office has been the reason behind healthy smiles of many of our valuable patients who visit us from various parts of the city and other localities.

Orthodontics and oral health

Ideally, in a correct bite, the teeth in the upper dental arch are slightly ahead of teeth in the lower arch of the oral cavity. When there is deviation from this condition, the resultant condition is a bad bite. The position of teeth and the alignment of jaws play a crucial role in deciding the bite. A bad bite can cause several problems. Some of them are listed below.

  • Teeth wear due to imbalance in bite forces
  • Higher chances of teeth decay because of difficulty in maintaining oral hygiene
  • The smile may look less attractive
  • TMJ problems
  • Critical conditions can lead to reduced chewing efficiency

Orthodontic treatment

Our dentist recommends an orthodontic treatment based on complexity of the problem. Various stages of treatment can be broadly classified as preventive, interceptive, corrective and surgical treatment. During your first dental visit, our dentist takes pictures of your teeth and notes down if there are any symptoms of the problem like headache and jaw pain. X-rays and scanners are also used to diagnose the position of teeth in relationship with one another. Our dentist sets a treatment plan based on the stage of the malocclusion. Dental braces and retainers are some of the appliances widely used for the purpose of curing the orthodontic problem.

Dental braces have brackets and wires which are used to move teeth. The wires are fixed in tension mode such that the teeth move slowly in the desired direction. The placement of dental braces may require a single visit after planning the treatment. Once the dental brace is fixed the patient has to visit the dentist once in few weeks to check the progress of treatment and to tighten the wires. The treatment may take about 18-24 months depending on the complexity of the condition. At the end of the treatment patients may be provided retainers to ensure that the teeth do not come back to previous positions.

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