Performance Mouthguards

Mouth guards are essential dental appliances which are used for a different reason. Based on their use, few guards are referred as dental accessories, night guards, athletic mouth guards or oral mouthpieces. Some oral accessories are used to prevent bruxism or grinding of their respective teeth, to prevent or reduce night snoring, improvise Temporomandibular joint or TMJ or to prevent injuries during sports. Occlusal guards or mouth guards are used in the prevention of teeth grinding which is also known as bruxism. They are customized to fit comfortable which is made up of thick, durable plastic material which allows for free jaw movement during night time. They can be removed at night time for the relaxation of both jaw and facial muscles. Relax to the jaw and facial muscles avoid headaches and facial care during the daytime which have improved the quality of life of many of our patients from Sandgate, Queensland and surrounding communities.

Snore defender is used in reducing snore at the night. These accessories help in keeping the positions of jaw and tongue to make airway open. The effectiveness of these appliances can be experienced once they are worn properly. It helps in improving the sleep of the individuals along with others who are sleeping around them.

TMJ braces can be used by any who are suffering from disorders related to the Temporomandibular joint. TMJ is a joint where temporal bone or upper jaw connects to lower jaw or mandible. These accessories are used with other curative steps to improve edifice and purpose of this joint.

Sports braces or athletic guards are one of the important accessories used to prevent injuries or wound to teeth during the sports activities. These dental accessories are all age group those who are involved in any categories of the sport that has any risk with the mouth. These accessories are used in any sport which involves a flying object or a ball. Some sports like football, baseball, hockey, softball, rugby, lacrosse or soccer are the best example. Along with above games body contact games like martial arts, boxing or wrestling also need mouth guards.

Low-cost, ready-made mouth guards are available on online or in sports stores. But these low-cost mouth guards are not custom fit or effective since they were not used for a long time because it results in difficulty in breathing and talking. The best option is to go for the custom fit plastic guard as they can be sterilized to allow the best fit.

Dental office makes a custom fit mouth guards and that is the best option for dental protection. Even though these custom fits are bit expensive, they give the best fit and protection. The primarily dental impression is taken so that a custom mold of the complete dental arch can be done, instead of taking the front portion. Once the impression is taken, accessories are made to fit the mold. Usually, dental guards are made for the upper teeth and if it is necessary, then the same can be made for lower teeth.

The mouth guards which are made for custom fits are durable and very easy to clean. Regular toothbrush and toothpaste are needed for the cleaning. If you are not using, then keep it in the dry and clean area. The cost of the mouth guards might be reduced for returning patients and one who visit their family dentist for the complete package of orthodontic treatment. To know more about the mouth guards and to protect your teeth and smile, talk to your family dentist soon.

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