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The brighter your teeth, the more attractive your smile turns out to be. White teeth reflect good health and indicate youthfulness. On the other side, dull teeth can make a person look unhealthy and sad. Tooth whitening is one of the most effective cosmetic solutions to discolored teeth. It is quite affordable among all cosmetic dentistry treatments and requires just one visit. The results for the whitening process are quickly visible. At our office in Sandgate, Queensland, we regularly have many patients who visit us seeking for teeth whitening. Patients look for teeth whitening when they are preparing for an upcoming event, they are unhappy with their dull teeth, or when they are looking for a transformation in their smile. Our treatment has been effective in brightening the pearly whites of our patients.

Why do teeth discolor?

The discoloration of teeth can be broadly classified into two main categories, which are intrinsic and extrinsic discoloration. Extrinsic discoloration occurs from environmental factors. Consumption of dark colored liquids such as wine, cola and coffee and smoking can cause extrinsic discoloration. The porous enamel layer gets stained and the natural color of teeth is masked during the process.

Teeth discoloration – Causes

The color of natural teeth differs from one person to another. It depends on the thickness of enamel layer and oral health. The colors can be broadly classified into four types that are reddish brown, reddish yellow, gray and reddish gray. The discoloration of natural teeth can occur in two ways, which are intrinsic and extrinsic.

Extrinsic discoloration

The enamel layer is porous and can hold stains. Dark colored liquids such as wine, cola and coffee and smoking can lead to extrinsic discoloration of teeth. Poor oral hygiene is another major contributing factor, which can lead to the formation of plaque over teeth surface. Teeth whitening can help clear stain and dark elements to brighten teeth.

Intrinsic discoloration

This occurs when the contributing factors for the dullness of teeth are from within. Certain antibiotics such as tetracycline and doxycycline are known to cause intrinsic discoloration. Exposure to a high amount of fluoride is another factor that can cause the teeth to darken.

Teeth whitening process

Tooth whitening can clear stain and brighten a smile. The dentist firstly checks the oral cavity and finds out if there is any infection. If a dental infection is found during an examination, it may have to be treated before starting the whitening process. Tooth whitening is safe and very effective when performed in an office set up. Our dentist takes images of the teeth and compares the shade of teeth with a shade scale. The teeth are cleaned to clear plaque. A protective gel is applied to soft gum tissues. The whitening agent used during the course may be hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. These whitening agents enter the porous enamel layer and undergo oxidation when they react with stain. The stain is cleared during the process. A special light may help in accelerating the reaction. After the completion of treatment, our team informs patients about how to care for the pearly whites.

The whitening process starts with the application of protective gel over gums. Hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide can be used as a whitening agent over teeth. They enter the porous enamel layer and react with stain to undergo oxidation. This clears stain and brightens teeth. A special light is shined over the teeth to speed up the reaction. After the whitening process, our team informs patients on how to protect teeth. This helps them preserve the brightness of teeth for long.

Are you unhappy with your dull smile? Do not worry. Make an appointment and meet our dentist. Teeth whitening procedure performed at our Dental Seasons practice located in Sandgate, Queensland can help you get a brighter and more beautiful smile.

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